Svetlana Kornilova - Free-lance Artist

Life - the main source and sense of my creativity. My inspiration - love that surrounds me: my family, children, a morning beam of the sun on my pillow, joyful laughter and footfall of children's legs. Own inner world and the world of my loved ones discovers special layer in knowledge of reality. I dream to paint such a picture that having looked at it the viewer was covered by happiness.

When I paint – I feel like at the same time the wizard and the surgeon who can't make a mistake. Bewitched by a trajectory of a brush I look as if from outside at the movement of my hands– as the pictures from life changed and renewed new paints, a special view are born. For me it is important to imprint beauty of the moment, to present an eternity piece to the audience.

My favorite materials are canvas and oil; also I’m interested in graphic materials. 

I try to achieve new sound of the Russian realistic school in the modern world by interweaving elements of an expressionism and abstraction into classical realistic school

Recent exhibitions

01.11.2015 The Living Gulf of Finland

Date: 01.11.15-30.11.05
Time: daily (gallery working hours)
Place: Russia
Address: Saint Petersbourgh

Latest News

19.04.2018 21:14:00  Honorable Mention Award

Contest "Artist of the Year 2017", Circle Art Foundation, Diploma "Honorable mention", painting "Well of Desires".